Our happy little house

(Though we suppose it isn't so little anymore.) We are so proud of our house in Oxford. It needed tons of work when we got it, and it needs tons of work still. But you'll be seeing the transformation taking place as you drive by down Rt 67.

The house has been completely gutted inside and we were very pleased to find some good old bones in this quaint 1800-something post-and-beam treasure. There are some broken bones too, but it's nothing some old-fashioned heavy-duty TLC and elbow grease can't handle.

If you follow us on Facebook, you'll be privy to the updates we post every single day from the day we closed, and see lots of pictures, and be a part of the early interaction. We absolutely love connecting with the people who are as invested in this as we are, and we hope to meet you very soon!

The family at the bakery

Dad hammering siding 300rd.png


The original perfectionist, Norm is the owner of the big tan dually pickup you see sitting in the drive every day. He is the savvy pro behind making our little house safe and amazing again, tearing the new-old away and rebuilding something wonderful. He is a true master of his trade and when the bakery is open he will also be a master of dish-washing, floor-scrubbing, and dough-pounding. But for now, we're safe to count on him to get this bakery open.

Mom planting 300rd.png


Donna is the dedicated mastermind behind our daily posts on Facebook, often the one pulling strings behind the curtain with her web of nimble organization. She's the social media voice if the Oxford Baking Co., and she's also the Art Director who you'll want to talk to about gracing our walls with your artwork once the bakery is open for business. She's also our pro photographer, interior decorator, finder of lost things, and voice of reason.

Bri in a bucket 300rd.png


The little house is Briana's big dream. She's the one you want to talk to about that impressive artistic cake you want designed, and her heart and soul goes into every item that comes out of her kitchen. Yeah, she's an infuriating perfectionist and particularly particular, but that means you can rest assured that what you getfrom the ingredients to the end resultis topnotch. On the side, she can also be found playing Norm's construction-sidekick.